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there are two types of SCP:CB players. The malicious Vegemite jar and the admins who shrink down 173. There is no in-between sorry.

Umm, are we going to contain the scp-7001 s or just sit here and talk scp memes?

when your a d boi upgrading your cards and vibing in 914 and then you necks snapping outside


introducing SCP-G 133, the purity defender. this SCP-G looks like except fully white. he has a magic power that clouds the mind with only good vibes and blocks out negativity. the one he protects sees him as their most favorite person. if anything threatens the thing he is protecting, he sends out a big burst of his calming magic to leave them in a trance of where they are elsewhere doing whatever they want to do.


ok, how come whenever i post something on any group, everybody is just like ' i'ght im gonna head out '


A group for meming about the SCP foundation lore and universe.