11/28/22 - Like a broken faucet

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Ube talks about some incidents where things from shows they like got leaked. A lot of information will be vague for safety purposes.

Hello internet, welcome to Game Th- Welcome to another article/blog/whatever made by Countryhumans dot com user Ube Leche Flan where they talk about things that happened in their life. This particular post was a little too long to be just some simple status posts so this blog had to be made lol

So yeah as the desc implies, there has been not one, but two incidents where some things regarding some shows I watch got leaked to public for some reason or another. Just another funny storytime thing-

For purposes of simplicity, vagueness, safety, and because I don't want to say "this show" over and over, I'm gonna call everything with placeholder names.


The first time it happened, I remembered it was around early 2020? This one particular show I was into at the time, I'll call it Shard to keep it vague, was almost at its final episodes of its final season. Audio leaks for certain episodes were running prominent throughout the fandom, to the point animatics were made based on the audio leaks and a whole arse subreddit was made dedicated to said leaks- All of the audio was of the main character having a mental breakdown because of certain things.

What was the most shocking of leak to me was this:
Apparently the channel/studio behind Shard had like an app where you can watch episodes of the shows they produce, and apparently after watching an episode you get a little image of a char prominently featured in that episode doing whatever they did in there. Like example if it was about the character going through a garden you get an image of them with flowers or something lol- The app wasn't available in my region, so I wouldn't really know how it worked.
One of those images that were supposed to be about Shard's second to last episode was leaked, revealing the big bad of it. In fact, it was one of the big bads teased in the season intro. Turns out there were theories about one of the main characters transforming into said big bad and that just straight confirmed the theories were true- I was one of the believers of said theories, so of course it was shocking to me.

Anyways the show had its finale and the leaks went to rest. I often reminisce on these times as it was all silly and we would prominently lose our minds on what might've potentially been fake- But then came this year.


This was a few months earlier, and it was from a very recent show even. Because of vagueness again, I'll call this one Palette. Even before the show was due to release in about a week there was already leaks xd- Nothing too drastic just some characters we weren't meant to see until like a future season or two. The leaks went rampant to the point the mods of the wiki for Palette said "HEY GUYS STOP" and there was like a mass deletion of images. Too bad internet archiving exists and yadda yadda- But I always wondered how were they able to get said leaks way early on? It was something that baffled me for a while and will continue to do so.

But was most recent was that the company behind Palette had a little oopsie woopsie leak incidents of their own- Because they had like a mobile game/app where you can like, interact with the characters of the show and whatnot, right? A recent update for that app got released for the Apple store and in that specific update you can apparently do some Konami code bullcrap and that allows you to access the leaked chars. They had to rampantly patch that, of course, and Android users never got the chance to access that.
There was another very recent one, where the company had like a YouTube channel and they uploaded a comp of episodes from the shows they produced, and apparently one of the episodes was from an episode of Palette that wasn't meant to release until like 2023. The comp was quickly taken down, but what's quicker is nosy little kids who have Mobizen downloaded in their phones so that got reuploaded but also quickly taken down.

There was this person I mentioned about at one point when I mentioned about these leaks beforehand and how they keep switching sides on whether or not it's good to share these leaks of Palette or not- They said in their YT community tab that leaking is wrong, but then go onto their deviantArt to share said leaks so I was confused as to what side they were on in this.
And because of such leaks I unfortunately have very forbidden information engraved in my mind lol- I would talk about it but to summarize I feel as if a majority of Palette's fanbase mixed up a few of these chars genders lmfao


That's just all I can dump about for now lol- Until next time! Stay safe!