How to make Gold fast in WoW Dragonflight: Best professions

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If you’ve learned a profession and are no longer interested in utilizing it, don’t worry, as players will eventually learn every single profession on one single character.

Players worldwide are diving through the skies in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. From exploring the new lands of the Dragon Isles to searching for long-lost treasures, Dragonflight is a dream come true for many players eager for even more adventure from the tenured title. As with reality, however, it’s easiest to enjoy things when you have an unending fountain of wealth available to fund your ill-planned ventures. Here are the five best professions for making money in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight


Additionally, Jewelcrafting easily has the highest potential for players to make large amounts of Gold. This profession supplies others with valuable reagents like Glossy Stones and Draconic Vials.

Some jewelry has powerful effects, making them sell for high prices in the Auction House.

With the new profession specializations available, it’s best to go after a build focused on either Consumables Reagents or Jewelry Making for making profits early in the expansion.

If you’ve learned a profession and are no longer interested in utilizing it, don’t worry, as players will eventually learn every single profession on one single character.


A classic pairing to skinning, Leatherworking is an easy fit within World of Warcraft: Dragonflight with, for nothing else, many skinnable creatures that offer leathers within the Dragon Isles. With this, Leatherworking can be leveled up simply throughout the expansion, with a few stops to crafters along the way. The additional bonus of being able to outfit many various classes is a nice boon.

Outside of the relative ease of crafting leveling, Leatherworking won't offer too much for players. Focus on fulfilling the Crafting Orders in a capital city, and grind through as many as possible while watching your bank fill with gold. Don’t buy all of your leveling materials from the Auction House — your bank will empty before you start raking in cash.


Inscription isn’t too big of a rework, for better or worse. This means that it's still a very reliable gold-maker for players, and the new profession gear will help boost those late-game crafts. Crafting Specializations come into play for Inscribers, with a unique talent tree that is driven by Inscription Knowledge. Inscription Knowledge will come from weeklies along with unique treasure finds. The bad part is that Inscription resources tend to be time-gated, making them a material that should be pondered on best use rather than randomly crafting for levels.

Herbalism is an ideal companion to Inscription, as players will need to refine herbs into inks via Milling. Don’t neglect special orders, think carefully about the ideal usage of limited materials, and grab herbs when possible. Horde Nightborne characters have the highest passive buff of +5, while Hul’Tiran offers +2 for the Alliance.


Engineering in WoW is one of the most entertaining occupations with a wide range of mechanical devices. Along with the standard Goggles, you will get a Secondary Stat and a Tinker Socket. These tinker sockets can house useful Modules which can be crafted and used throughout your adventure. You can use modules like Battle-Res, Invisibility, Flamethrower, and much more. However, the goggles are limited to Engineers only. But in this expansion, you can also make Braces that can be used by anyone. So you can make use of the Work Order system and make some extra cash.


In this game, you will need loads of potions to get Buffs, Restore Health and Mana, and many more effects. These potions are made by Alchemists so being one always pays well. With the introduction of the Quality mechanic, you can make high-quality potions and sell them for exorbitant prices. If you are a veteran alchemist, then note that vials are nothing but flasks in this game.


The next is the crafting category. For Blacksmiths, they'll be able to make all sorts of weapons, except the ranged weapons and magic weapons, but they can make every melee weapon as well as shields, so they'll have a wide audience in terms of weapon sales.

They will also be crafting plate armor, which will be great alongside weapon crafting, and there are a few extra bits and bobs, like repairing Hammers and sharpening Stones. Blacksmithing also has a lot of profession gear recipes. They can make a lot of tools and even some accessories, so that's something to look into early on in Dragonflight.

That's all from us on the Best Professions in WoW Dragonflight. Note that we mentioned these ones as they match our playstyle. You can also check out other occupations like Enchanting, Tailoring, Inscription, and more based on your gameplay. Hope it helps. If you like this guide or buy some WoW WLK Gold to help you enjoy the game, please visit IGV